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Young Adult Transition Association


YATA promotes young adult residential transitional schools and programs that support issues and practices of common interests and enhance the quality of care for young adults and their families.


YATA provides a forum for collaboration on issues of mutual concern, including young adult issues, education, advocacy, operational issues, and other aspects related to providing young adult transitional services.

5th Annual Conference

October 17-19, 2018 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


In 2011 several young adult programs came together to discuss common issues facing programs that specialize in young adults and their families. There was an immediate kinship. It was a relief to share and collaborate and to experience camaraderie and support.  All the programs had been in business a minimum of 10 years. All of these programs were in essence “competitors”. The conversations that ensued were anything but competitive. Everyone took off the day job hats and got real. It was clear that we had far more to gain from one another in sharing openly than we had to lose by being protectionist or suspicious of one another.  The group continued to meet at most national conferences and have traveled to visit one another’s programs. The group spoke together as a panel at a national conference. It became clear that there was a great deal of interest in membership and collaborative sharing amongst a greater range of programs.

Our response was to host the first annual YOUNG ADULT TRANSITION ASSOCIATION (YATA) Conference in 2014 held in Boulder, Colorado. The goal of the YATA conference is congruent with our mission: to support issues and practices of common interest and enhance the quality of care of the young adults and their families. The conference is a smaller forum to address issues directly related to young adults and their families. Transparency and collaboration remain a core value.

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